• In contrast to private long-term care insurance, you pay WA Cares Fund premiums only when you are working (not when taking time off for caregiving or after retirement).
  • No matter what your age or health status, the WA Cares Fund provides affordable long-term care coverage at a predictable cost of 0.58% of your earnings.
  • Once you’ve met the 10-year vesting period, the benefit will be available when you need it, even if it’s 20 or more years after you retire.
  • If you need help and you’ve paid in 3 out of the last 6 years, you may also be eligible for benefits.
  • When you are participating in the WA Cares Fund, you can still add additional coverage by purchasing private long-term care insurance at any time.
  • The WA Cares Fund may allow you to reimburse a family member for providing care.

Exemptions are permanent

To apply for an exemption, you must:

Employment Security Department (ESD) is developing the process to apply for exemptions. Workers can apply between Oct. 1, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2022.

We’ll update this page with info about applying for an exemption as soon as it’s available.

Exemptions are for life. That means you’ll never have access to the WA Cares Fund benefit, which is currently $36,500.